Knee Replacement Mexico

Excruciating knee pain, debilitating soreness and limited movement are symptoms of knee osteoarthritis or injury. If your quality of life is being impacted by any of these issues, getting knee replacement in Mexico is an affordable option. World-renowned medical facilities and highly trained surgeons make it easy to choose knee surgery in Mexico.

According to a paper on knee replacement by Janet M. Torpy published in February 2011 in The Journal of the American Medical Association, over 500,000 persons undergo expensive knee replacement surgery each year in the United States. Such patients are actively looking for cheaper and safe alternatives. And if testimonies of patients are to be believed, the low cost of knee joint replacement in Mexico makes undergoing the surgery in the country one such worthwhile option.

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

  • knee-replacement-mexicoKnee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, is done to repair the damage done to the knee by osteoarthritis or to mollify pain in the knees.
  • Osteoarthritis destroys the cartilage, which is the supporting tissue between joints. This results in swelling in and immense pain and limited movement of the impacted joints.
  • In this surgery, the affected cartilage and bone are removed and then replaced with an artificial joint made of a combination of metal and plastic.
  • Orthopedic surgeons use different diagnostic procedures to examine the extent of cartilage and bone collapse in the knee joint, which in turn determines the type of arthroplasty required.
  • You can undergo the correct form of orthopedic knee replacement in Mexico that could be either total or partial knee replacement, minimally invasive replacement or revision knee replacement, as suggested by your surgeon.

Why Choose To Get Knee Replacement in Mexico?

There are many advantages of undergoing knee replacement surgery in Mexico. Some of the major upsides are:

  • The cost of knee replacement in Mexico is comparatively much lower than in the United States and Canada. It is easy to save 30 to 50 percent on knee surgery and other expensive orthopedic procedures such as ankle bone grafting in Mexico. One can also undergo affordable plastic surgery in Mexico to give one’s look a complete revamp with the money saved on knee replacement.
  • The leading hospitals and surgical centers in Mexico are comparable to those in the United States and Canada. Adhering to international standards, the hospitals make use of cutting-edge technology.
  • The high-tech hospitals offering knee orthopedic surgeries in Mexico operate under international standards of hygiene and quality.
  • As of mid-February 2012, the country was home to 9 JCI-accredited hospitals.
  • Highly trained orthopedic surgeons in Mexico perform knee replacement procedures. Many of the knee replacement doctors in Mexico are US-trained and speak English fluently.
  • Procedures like partial knee replacement surgery in Mexico can be easily scheduled and with minimal waiting time.
  • Mexico lies south of the US border and can be reached with utmost ease. Whether you fly in or drive in, the cost of travel to Mexico is very reasonable. This makes traveling for partial or total knee replacement in Mexico an easy decision.
  • You can choose for knee replacement in Ciudad Juarez – Chihuahua, in Tijuana Baja California, or any other Mexican city based on convenience of traveling.
  • There is much more to Mexico than an endless line of medical facilities. It also provides a plethora of tourist attractions that gives low cost knee replacement surgery in Mexico an added advantage.

Considering Knee Replacement Surgery in Mexico? Some Tips

  • Any medical trip requires in-depth research. Before heading to Mexico for knee replacement surgery, make sure you pinpoint the right surgical facility and surgeon that will meet your requirements.
  • Mexico does have certain amount of lawlessness and violence. So be wary of your surroundings and carry only necessary items with you.
  • view-of-mexico-cityRead all travel directives issued by the US Department of State.
  • You will need your passport or passport card to enter Mexico. US citizens can stay in Mexico for up to 72 hours without a visa.
  • Most Mexican vendors accept US dollars and all major credit cards.
  • Drug related crimes are very high in Mexico. So while you are in Mexico for knee replacement surgery, do not participate in any activities such as buying drugs, among others.
  • Consult with your orthopedic surgeon in Mexico to find out how soon you can drive.
  • Mexico has all-round warm weather though the higher altitudes do get very cold in the winters. So bring appropriate clothing.

Warm hospitality, caring medical staff and globally competitive hospitals make Mexico a top contender for knee replacement surgery. And in the combination of quality care and affordability, knee replacement in Mexico holds a lot of allure for getting those painful joints fixed.

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