Cataract Surgery Cost Tijuana – Mexico

A cataract is a formation of cloudy substance in the crystalline lens of one or both eyes. While removing it is imperative, yet a number of people in the developed countries can’t afford a cataract surgery. The lower cataract surgery cost in Tijuana, Mexico provides an alternative to a lot of people who can’t afford the exorbitantly priced procedure in their home countries.

Each year many people from the US and Canada opt for affordable cataract surgery performed by renowned ophthalmologists in Tijuana, Mexico.

Cost of Cataract Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

  • cataract-surgery-cost-tijuanaEye correction surgery cost in Tijuana can be termed a pittance when compared to the rates charged for similar procedures in the US.
  • This is true not only for cataract surgeries but also for a host of other medical procedures. Be it getting dental implants or undergoing weight loss surgery such as gastric sleeve or lap band surgery Tijuana offers easy-on-the-pocket treatments. One can also go for low cost plastic surgery in Tijuana which is often considered elective in nature and hence, not covered by insurance companies.
  • The lower cost of cataract treatments and Lasik surgery in Mexico in general and in Tijuana in particular stems from the low cost of living in the North American country.
  • Medical tourists can save even more on their cataract surgery cost in Mexico if they visit the country during off-season for their treatment.
  • Patients with monetary constrictions can apply for medical loans for undergoing their treatment in Mexico.

Why Consider Cataract Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico?

Here are some of the other upsides of going for low cost cataract surgery in Tijuana:

  • The proximity of Tijuana allows easy access to the Arizonans, Californians and others living on the Pacific Coast of the United States. Because of its strategic geographic location, a large number of US patients seek various treatments such as eye surgeries, cosmetic surgeries and dental treatments including dental implants in Tijuana at affordable prices.
  • Overseas patients can get access to some of the world-class ophthalmic clinics and hospitals in Tijuana that specialize in all kinds of eye treatments.
  • The reputable centers for cataract correction in Tijuana use hi-tech equipment and are punctilious about observing globally-accepted quality and hygiene standards.
  • roundabout-in-tijuana-mexicoExperienced eye surgeons in Mexico are highly-trained to carry out all kinds of ophthalmology procedures, including cataract removal surgery and Lasik surgery.
  • The leading physicians and surgeons in Mexico have received their degrees from prestigious medical institutes in the US and many have also practiced there for a while.
  • Highly-skilled and cordial support staff at these facilities makes your medical travel experience a comfortable and safe one.
  • Negligible to no waiting time is another upside of opting for eye correction surgery in Tijuana.
  • The weather in Tijuana is great all through the year, making it a perfect place for recuperation.
  • Tijuana has several museums, musical venues, discos, bars and restaurants for medical tourists to explore. Patients can also enjoy numerous activities such as fishing, whale watching (only from December to March), greyhound racing, rodeo, bullfighting and of course, shopping.

As per a report titled “VISION 2020: the Cataract Challenge” by Allen Foster and published in The Journal of Community Eye Health in 2000, high cost of cataract surgery poses a major barrier for many. This is quite alarming as according to estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) Prevention of Blindness and Deafness program, cataract is the leading cause of blindness all over the world. As cataract surgery cost in Tijuana, Mexico is quite lower than in the developed countries of the world, it is but logical to head to this Mexican border town for getting treated.

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