Introducing Empress Crowns in Cancun, Mexico

The video shows a Cancun dentist explaining types of dental crowns available in Cancun. Empress crowns are the latest addition to the portfolio. These are strong yet beautiful. It is imperative that dental tourists know all facts about dental procedures such as, empress crowns or lumineers before getting them done in Mexico. This video is a step towards educating dental tourists to Cancun such that they make an informed choice.

Narration – “Crowns, nowadays, are a little…from the time…dentistry and that’s from, of course, dental point of view but it’s a very exciting time for the patients too because we have many options, especially talking about esthetics. In the past we only porcelain fused to metal crowns, they work very nicely, actually still use them a lot.

But nowadays we have different options, we have zirconia crowns meaning that they have core of zirconia that’s strong as metal probably and then we can fuse porcelain to that. And nowadays we have lithium disilicate crowns, that’s basically known in commercial terms like empress for example. And those types of crowns are still ceramic, but this type of ceramic can be etched inside and bonded to the tooth.

So the restoration can be a lot thinner, number one, this type of material can have a lot more translucency that will give us a lot more natural look and the refraction that we get and the opalescence they have. These new ceramics are a lot more like teeth. So, you go out, at 2 o’ clock at night and you have that black light you will see tooth from one corner. We can match everything very nicely nowadays.

These types of crowns, they need less cut off of the tooth because, of course, being thinner, you can be more conservative in the prep so that’s the benefit, of course, for the patients and pricing is not extremely higher than porcelain fused metal so that’s  great option. If the patient is candidate, when I say candidate, is that some patients that may be have already metal posts, we cannot do those types of crowns but we can do zirconia that could be very similar and for interior segments that’s our option nowadays. And the advantage of these types of crowns is that you can combine them with veneers. Veneers, I don’t know if you understand the term, but veneers are basically, you could tell, may be like a fake nail but those on top of the tooth. So, the prep you do on the teeth is very very minimal, if the case I optimal for that.

When we do the veneers, it can change completely your smile. And if there’s a crown in between and and we’re doing veneers…with this type of new material, we can match perfectly veneers and crowns and everything looks homogeneous and extremely natural looking.’

In another video, this Cancun dentist discusses how he deals with patients from US and overseas.


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