Styloid Process Bone Shortening in Mexico

styloid-process-bone-shorteningStyloidectomy or styloid process bone shortening in Mexico is one of the economically feasible solutions for people suffering from Eagle Syndrome, but who cannot afford to pay for the expensive treatment in their home countries. Orthopedic treatments such as hand and knee surgery in Mexico are highly in demand among people who need the surgery but cannot come up with the amount of money these cost in the US or Canada.

Qualifying for Styloidectomy

  • The National Institutes of Health (NIH) defines Elongated Stylus Process or Eagle Syndrome as the condition in which the styloid process (SP) or its adjacent ligament ossification’s overall length is more than 30mm. This is a rare condition, and the NIH reports that it occurs in only about 4% of the general population. There are many nerves and vessels in the affected area, and the elongation of the stylus process can cause symptoms like neck and cervicofacial pain.
  • A good candidate for getting elongated styloid process treatment in Mexico (or for that matter anywhere) is a person with the above-described condition, usually between 30-50 years old, suffering from symptoms like dysphagia, tinnitus, and face and neck pain.
  • Of course, to ensure the patient’s safety, there will be a consultation and routine physical and laboratory examinations once you get to Mexico. This is true for all procedures, whether you are getting a minimally-invasive bariatric surgery or a more complex procedure like heart surgery in Mexico.

Cost of Styloid Process Bone Shortening in Mexico

The fees for medical procedures in Mexico are generally lower than in the US or Canada. Most surgeries can go as low as 40% of how much they cost in first-world countries.

  • The main reason for the low cost of Eagle’s Syndrome treatment in Mexico is the country’s considerably lower cost of living. Because of this, hospital and doctor’s fees are also easy on the pocket.
  • Whether flying in to Mexico or driving from across the border, our-network-hospital-in-mexicomost US and Canadian citizens do not have to incur high travel expenses because of Mexico’s proximity. Depending on the procedure, hotel accommodations may also be included in the package. If not, patients pay very cheap rates as we have tie-ups with hotels and resorts in the areas where we offer medical tourism services.
  • Our packages will also help lower the cost for styloid elongation treatment in Mexico. Aside from the surgeons and hospital fees, they include the routine physical and laboratory exams required, medical team fees, and follow up checks while recuperating.
  • There is virtually no waiting time, and appointments can be scheduled very quickly for styloid bone shortening in Mexico.

To further take advantage of the low Styloid Process Bone shortening cost in Mexico, see if you can have other minor procedures while there. Some orthopedic patients also opt to get some less complex dental work in Mexico to hit two birds with one stone. Teeth filling, cleaning, and whitening can be scheduled to coincide with your free time while there.

Tips for Going to Mexico for Treatment

  • Collect your medical history and other related reports from your local doctor and send them to the surgeon you choose for Eagle’s Syndrome surgery in Mexico. This will ensure a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for you.
  • There are two approaches to styloidectomy: intraoral or transpharyngeal approach and the extraoral approach. It is necessary to research on these two approaches and talk to your surgeon about which one will be better for you. The cost of styloidectomy in Mexico may also differ depending on the approach used.
  • As soon as initial communication with the surgeon of your choice has been established, list down your questions and send them so that your inquiries and concerns are addressed even before your trip.
  • Ask for testimonials of previous patients who have had their treatment from the surgeon.

We at Mexico Health are determined to make your medical tourism experience as easy and as comfortable as possible. For help with getting inexpensive styloid process bone shortening in Mexico, our case managers will give you options to choose from and will connect you with the hospital and surgeon of your choice – saving you much needed time, energy, and money.


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