Ankle Bone Grafting Mexico

Only a person who has suffered an ankle injury truly understands the excruciating pain associated with it. Since the ankle bears the body’s weight, any injury to it needs careful treatment and a skilled orthopedic surgeon to set it right. Ankle bone grafting in Mexico is a viable option for treating injuries without burning a hole in the pocket. A patient may require a bone graft for a complex fracture or for one that hasn’t healed properly.

ankle-bone-graftingBesides ankle bone grafting, a number of other orthopedic procedures too such as knee replacement, hip resurfacing and hip replacement in Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana and other leading cities in Mexico are finding takers in those who cannot afford the procedures in their home countries.

Ankle injuries — either due to sporting activities or in the normal course — are not very uncommon. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), approximately one million people in the US suffer from ankle injuries annually.

 Advantages of Ankle Bone Surgery in Mexico

  • In the leading hospitals of Mexico, you can expect to find doctors who are well-qualified and conversant in English, making it easy for you to communicate with your surgeon.
  • Mexico is home to many competent doctors, quite a few of whom have received their education and training in the United States.
  • Mexico has a number of hospitals that are either JCI-accredited and/or ISO-certified.
  • The leading medical facilities in Mexico are known for providing quality services despite the lower price-tag of the treatments.
  • Before your broken ankle bone treatment in Mexico, you would not have to bear with a long waiting period. The overburdened healthcare systems of the United States, Canada and the UK are notorious for their extensive waiting lines. However, in Mexico you can get immediate access to world-class, affordable medical procedures.
  • Mexico’s close proximity to the US is an added bonus.
  • Given the ease and affordability of international travel, patients also opt for complex procedures such cancer treatments and even tail bone removal in Mexico, besides less complex orthopedic procedures.

Cost of Ankle Bone Grafting in Mexico

  • The skyrocketing healthcare costs in the developed countries of the world has aided the creation of a new breed of travelers – the medical travelers –  who are patients who travel to other countries for treatment s primarily to cut down costs. And the reason why more and more medical tourists are undergoing eye surgery, cosmetic procedure and even knee surgery in Mexico is because the medical procedures provided in the country’s hospitals could cost around 50 to 70 percent lesser than in the US.
  • Lower ankle bone grafting price in Mexico should not mislead you! Affordability of medical treatments is due to the lower cost of imgp9682 living and the presence of a thriving, competitive medical tourism industry in the North American country.
  • Even if you include travel and accommodation expenses, the cost of ankle injury treatment in Mexico would still be lower than in First World countries. Visitors should, however, consider the additional costs if traveling with a companion.
  • Those who don’t have an insurance cover or cannot afford the medical expenses can opt for medical loans in Mexico.

Traveling in Mexico

A trip to undergo ankle surgery in Mexico can be extended to an invigorating vacation too.

  • Mexico is affluent in history, tradition, culture and natural beauty.
  • Visitors can also sample the highly delectable Mexican cuisine — famous across the world for its diverse flavors.
  • Mexico attracts international tourists with her beaches, recreational centers, archaeology, pre-Hispanic culture, colonial cities and architecture, and eco tourism. In fact, according to the global tourism rankings released by the UN World Tourism Organization, Mexico received the 9th highest number of international tourists in 2010.
  • Patients considering ankle bone injury treatment in Mexico can find cheap accommodation in the form of inexpensive hotels and hostels.
  • For those who love to shop, there is a lot to explore — from designer jewelry and clothing to local goods at great prices in small, earthy markets. One can also find clothes, shoes, and crafts made by Mexican artisans.
Mexican cities offer a friendly and comfortable environment for medical tourists. Ankle bone grafting in Mexico can be  a practical choice, thanks to the presence of numerous state-of-the-art hospitals and expert professionals in the Latin American country.


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