Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry – Surgeon Interview

The video shows a dental cosmetic surgeon talking about her life, education, and experience. With 20 years of dental experience under her belt, it’s no wonder then dentists in Mexico are appreciated by Americans and dental tourists from world over for their commitment towards restoring smiles.

Narration – “I was born in the north part of Mexico…All my family moved to Mexico City when I was four or five years old. So, all my life I was here in Mexico. I studied here and when I finished school, after six months I got married.

And I went to Miami; I lived for one year in Florida. I started with, I was pregnant, I started with my pregnancies there, and I had 2 children. Then, we came here to Cancun and since then, all my family has moved here to Cancun, so, I’ve been living here for twenty four years, that’s the age of my oldest son and when twenty years ago or more I guess, I can’t recall exactly the dates but like in ‘92 or ’91, I decided to start my practice.

I started here in Cancun before…two years after. I started with my dental practice with…that was our first name. Then I made a team, we started…and then, you know, time passed with this team. Since then, we’ve been together for 20 years or more I guess.

I do, as I said, most of the cleanings here in the dental office. I give a lot of advice to the patients, how to brush…And I do, I’m like the smile makeover [sic], you know, I talk to the patients. We do a lot of changes in the smile. I do a lot of bondings and dressings in the front teeth and in a lot of veneers, porcelain veneers and I do a lot of…I still do amalgams because some want to one of their amalgams, which is fine. We work a lot in cosmetology, you know…”

If you’re looking for teeth veneers or teeth bridges in Cancun, Mexico, rest assured your dental needs would be more than met here. Plus, if you want to let your hair down, Cancun is the place to be as millions of Americans would testify.

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