Tail Bone Removal in Mexico

One can undergo low cost surgery for tail bone removal in Mexico. With the exorbitant cost of this surgery in the United States, it is comforting to know that there are numerous hospitals in Mexico offering affordable tail bone removal procedures.Mexico’s proximity to the United States is another advantage. Undergoing orthopedic surgeries such as hip and knee replacement and dental treatments such as getting crowns, bridges, and dental implants in Tijuana, Mexicali, and other border towns has become the norm with many from California, Arizona, and Texas.

Medical Tourism in Mexico

  • tail-bone-removal-in-mexicoHealthcare costs have been experiencing an upward trend in the States and Canada.
  • Lack of medical insurance and long waiting times in these countries further add to the agony of those in need of medical attention.
  • However, with the booming value-for-money medical tourism industry in Mexico, one need not give a skip to healthcare procedures simply out of financial constraints.
  • Undergoing a procedure for tail bone or coccyx removal in Mexico can also help patients from the US and Canada rein in the time and money spent on traveling.

Coccygectomy Explained

  • Coccygectomy is the medical term used for tail bone removal surgery.
  • Tail bone removal surgery is recommended for patients suffering from coccydynia (pain in the tail bone) or malignant cancers.
  • As per a survey conducted by Cheng SW, Chen QY, et al, the results of which were published in the February 2011 edition of the Chinese Journal of Traumatology, coccygectomy is a viable option for managing coccydynia in patients who have failed to respond to non surgical treatments.
  • Of the 31 patients surveyed, 87.1% of them rated the results of the surgery as excellent and good.

Advantages of Coccyx Removal in Mexico

  • The cost of tail bone removal in Mexico is a fraction of what a similar procedure would cost in the developed countries of the world.
  • Healthcare in Mexico is affordable, unlike in the United States, chiefly because of low living costs. Affordability is the primary reason behind the increase in the number of offshore patients coming to Mexico for knee surgeries, bariatric and cosmetic procedures, and dental treatments.
  • Surgeons in Mexico are highly skilled and many have experience of practicing in the United States.
  • imgp9688There is no dearth of good, state-of-the-art hospitals in Mexico. There are a number of JCI accredited and ISO certified hospitals spread across the leading cities of Mexico.
  • The surgeons and other medical staff in the leading hospitals of the country speak English fluently, so there’s no language barrier during your care and recuperation!
  • Due to the low cost of tail bone removal as well as other medical procedures such as cancer treatments and bariatric surgery in Mexico, it’s no wonder that the medical tourists can easily include a vacation into their itinerary.
  • From the majesty of the Mayan ruins to the pristine beaches, there truly is something to admire and enjoy for everyone in Mexico!

Considerations for Surgery for Tail Bone Removal in Mexico

  • Even if you cannot afford to self finance the tail bone removal surgery, you can opt for medical loans in Mexico.
  • While it’s possible to find very economical deals for food and lodging in Mexico, prices do vary from place to place as these do in any other country. It pays to do some shopping around beforehand to avoid unwelcome surprises.
  • “Fun in the sun” vacation time is likely contraindicated for post-operative needs following your tail bone removal surgery in Mexico. It is always prudent to strictly adhere to your follow-up care plan to avoid any complications.
  • Checking out videos and reviewing patient testimonials of those who have undergone the procedure in Mexico can provide useful anecdotal information as you determine your options for surgery.

The cost of tail bone removal in Mexico is attractive and the quality of care and the level of expertise given by the physicians and hospitals comparable to those found in the first world countries of the world!

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