Orthopedic Surgeon – Ciudad Juarez, Mexico on Ankle Fusion Surgery Recovery

This video shows a leading orthopedic surgeon from Ciudad Jaurez, Mexico discussing about the recovery period for ankle fusion surgery.



Following is the video narration.

” That’s same as any other procedure. We need to take care of the wound for the surgical incision, for 2-3 weeks, remove stitches and start with a rehab program. There in the fusion, we do need to wait for a period of consolidation, the bone, that is being fused and that generally takes around two months. So those 2 months, the patient has to eliminate weight bearing. They have to use some crutches or walker so that they won’t be walking on their ankle.

Once we see radiographic signs of consolidation fusion then we can permit the patient to start bearing weight progressively and their progress to complete or total weight bearing. The diet issues are as any other patient. We just try to keep it good by well inside and take care of a lot of weight control as well because that is also something that interferes with the prognosis of any joint fusion.”

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