Abdominoplasty in Mexico – Who Is a Right Candidate?

In the video a well-known plastic surgeon from Mexico explains what is tummy tuck, and who is best suited to undergo this procedure.

Following is the video narration:

“The best candidate for tummy tuck is a patient who already has had the kids that they want, the…, and they have loose skin under the belly button, and of course the pregnancy has spread the muscles, the abdomen, so we do all the repair, and take all the excess skin, and the best candidates are those patients who are healthy and who have the kids they already planned to have.

“The price of this surgery, I always tell to my patients, is scar—a long scar, a big scar, but benefit is bigger than the scar, of course.”

The surgeon makes clear the surgery leaves a scar in the body of the patient, but the benefits of the procedure are much more than the cost one pays in terms of the scar.

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