Having surgery in Tijuana, Mexico is an affordable way to get the operation you need or desire without going bankrupt in the process. American and Canadian patients save thousands of dollars on cosmetic, general, and bariatric surgery in Mexico, procedures that they wouldn’t have been able to afford in their hometowns, and they are regularly delighted to discover that they receive medical care that is on par with (sometimes better than) that which they have come to expect from their local hospitals.

Cost of Surgery in Tijuana

How much you stand to save varies depending on the type of procedure you are looking for, but the possible savings are definitely substantial. You can expect to save 40-70% on everything from dental care to plastic surgery in Tijuana.

Here is a list of the average savings available for the more common procedures performed in Tijuana:

Average Cost U.S. ($) Tijuana ($)
Gastric Bypass 25,000 8,975
Gastric Sleeve 22,000 7,250
Lap Band 20,000 4,300
Dental Implants (per tooth) 4,500 1,000
Full Mouth Restoration 30,000 18,000
Hip Replacement 34,000 12,500
Knee Replacement 35,000 10,500
Facelift 15,000 5,500
Rhinoplasty 9,000 3,600
Breast Augmentation 8,000 3,000
Arm Lift 6,500 3,200


Please note: The above are just estimates of the prices in Tijuana for comparison with those in the US. To know the latest price of the treatment you want, please fill the estimate request form on the right.


Hospitals in Tijuana

Because of its booming medical tourism industry, Tijuana boasts some of the best medical facilities in Mexico. Its hospitals and dental clinics are on par with those you are used to seeing north of the border.

Mexico Health works with a hospital in Tijuana that is among the top-rated hospitals in Mexico. Being one of the major hubs for medical tourism in the city, it offers patients a number of amenities and luxuries that make it a tough rival for medical centers in the U.S. Some features:

  • 2 spacious operating rooms
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • In-house Endoscopy Unit
  • Water purification and electrical back-up systems
  • Fully equipped lab in-house with anatomic and clinical pathology units
  • Radiography (X-ray) Department
  • Oxygen generation, storage, and distribution systems
  • English Speaking Doctors and Staff

The hospital gets many patients from the U.S. understandably because it is so convenient to reach. Being very near to the US border and just about 20minutes drive from the airport in San Diego, it is very accessible to U.S. citizens. This also makes it possible to keep all flights domestic, adding to your total savings.

Another hospital in Mexico Health’s network of medical centers in Tijuana offers superb dental services. It is a popular choice for U.S. citizens seeking dental implants in Tijuana. Here, you can find big savings on many other kinds of dental work as well, both surgical and non-surgical, including:

  • Tooth-colored Fillings
  • Orthodontics (Braces)
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Removable and Fixed Bridges
  • Removable and Fixed Dentures
  • Endodontics (Root Canal Work)
  • Teeth Whitening

These are just two of the outstanding facilities in Mexico Health’s Tijuana network. We also work with many cosmetic surgery clinics that employ some of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico.


Satisfied Customers

Many-a-times, after getting an excellent deal on breast implants or lap band surgery in Tijuana, foreign patients are happy to share their experiences. Stella from California was one such patient who wanted to tell others her gastric sleeve story in Tijuana. She was impressed by the many aspects of her trip:

  • Clean facilities
  • Convenience – The accessibility of Tijuana, as well as the transportation provided by the hospital
  • She felt safe while in Tijuana
  • The trip coordinator was very helpful

Another one of our satisfied patients wanted to share her story of coming to Tijuana for dental implants. She was very satisfied with the care she received and impressed by the dentist and his staff, as well as the hi-tech equipment they used.


Don’t Wait Any Longer

If you have been putting off a procedure because you can’t afford it, you no longer have that excuse. Coming to have surgery in Tijuana could be the inexpensive answer you have been looking for.



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