Cancun Dentist on Immediate Load Dental Implants

In this video, a leading prosthodontist from Cancun explains complete treatment planning for immediate load dental implants.

Narration – “So, for example, we have a patient that’s candidate for immediate loading, the first thing we need to see is…that will give us an idea what’s the condition of the bone of the patient. Ideally, we would like to see a CT scan. CT scan allows us to see the bone, the jaw bones of the patient in a three dimensional way and this allows us, as I said previously, to do a virtual surgery on the patient in the computers before we even see the patient. And that will dictate us if this patient is a candidate for that or not.

Then another thing that warrants that a patient decides to go with us, there’s two main… If the patient is so very completely…it’s easier because we can coordinate in day one we will take some registrations. These are long appointments in the sense that we take the registration that we go back to the lab, we do some work, we come back to the patient, we do…so that in 24 to 48 hours we have denture fabricated.

This denture is what is gonna become the hybrid, the needed hybrid or immediate load of the patient. So, in 24 to 48 hours, that the patient is in …we have those ready and of course we have plan for day three for a patient to have the surgery.

That way we have only a couple of days for a patient to be there, we do the surgery on day number three and we will usually ask the patient to stay with us for a week. meeting on those first two days, surgery on day number three and then we have four days to…and follow up with patient to see everything is fine before they go back home. During those visits we basically what we do is, we just occlusal, we check the evolution of our patients. We of course prescribe certain types of drugs before the surgery, so that the prosthetic will be more mild for the patient, we of course have them on antibiotics and pain killers for those days. But that allows us to see that the tissues are healing properly, that the patient is comfortable, that the bite is okay and when the patient goes back, we know that the patient is safe to go back.”

In another video, this Cancun dentist demonstrates the dental implant procedure.

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