Opthalmologist on Lasik Surgery – Tijuana, Mexico

This video shows a renowned opthalmologist talking about lasik surgery, Mexico (Tijuana).


Following is the video narration.

“Laser vision correction has alternatives. The first alternative is to wear glasses. The Second alternative would be to wear contact lenses. But for people that wishes to have a more active life, glass and contact lenses donot work well. So for these patients the fabulous alternative is to have laser vision correction. What  laser vision correction does is that we do …laser, now its a special type of laser. It’s a special type of machine.

We remodel the surface of the cornea..kind of gently reshapes the surface of the cornea. That will change the focus to place the focus on the retina or it should be so the patient can see clearly without glasses or contacts. So I could say that anybody with a problem of refraction, which involves myopia (near sightedness) or hypermyopia which is farsightedness or a …that wishes to have a more comfortable life, more active life, for example sports or just not having to worry about glasses whole the time.

People that has trouble with contact lenses, I think laser vision correction is ideal. How do we know if someone is a good candidate for lasik vision correction. We do need to do some testing like, knowing the thickness of the cornea for example. Laser vision correction, just like anything has limits but fortunately for us we have all the technologies where we can offer something to almost everybody.

There are what you call…..lenses such is what they call ICL and there are others that we can implant inside the eye…..laser vision correction is not an alternative. They have a tremendous amount of ….large degree of either myopia or hypermyopia, can use technologies to correct it. We use VISX machine – VISX. We have been using VISX machine for a long time and just being upgrading because we love the result that we get. It produces a very smooth remodeling of the surface and the results are excellent so we are extremely happy with that machine.”

The lasik surgical procedure involves creation of a thin flap on the eye which is folded to enable the laser remodeling of tissue beneath. After remodeling is complete, the flap is repositioned. The eyes heals in the postoperative period. With an affordable cost of lasik eye surgery in Tijuana, Mexico , highly skilled doctors and well equipped eye clinics, it has become the choice of many across the world.

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