A Satisfying Dental Trip to Los Algodones – Patient Testimonial

This video shows a dental tourist from Phoenix, Arizona who was initially apprehensive about visiting Los Algodones, Mexico for her dental trip, but had her doubts and fears finally laid to rest.


Following is the video narration:

“The myth was that Mexico doctors don’t have their licenses, they might go to school for two weeks, and here’s the license and go to work. And, oh they are not certified and something happens you can’t sue them. Well, they really assured me that if any work, if I am not happy with any of their work, then I can come back; it’s guaranteed.


“They want you to really really be satisfied; it’s a wonderful experience. I am sitting in the lobby and I am talking to everybody there because I have this apprehension still, you know, before they come here and, you know, have they been here before, and everyone that I spoke to just highly recommends the services and the dental facility here.”


You can also enjoy a very satisfying experience of dental care in Mexico at any of our network clinics in Los Algodones, Tijuana or Cancun.


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