Quality Eye Treatment in Tijuana, Mexico

The video shows a leading ophthalmologist from Mexico talking about the state-of-the-art equipment at her hospital and different eye procedures sought by her patients.

Narration – “…Mexico City has developed also, the equipment, it’s accessible. Newest equipment is accessible in Tijuana and as well as the United States. I think you can get the latest technology in Mexico too. Vitrectomy…five every week because that is the most that I do, cataract surgery is like six or eight times a week, the cataract surgery is much more…it’s more on the population…considerable amount of number we do for Vitrectomy…retinal detachment. Actually most of the patients come from Mexico and the United States…”

It’s not just eye care that Mexico has earned a reputation for. It’s also staying abreast with the newest and mastering them. Patients from all over the world are travelling to Mexico for thyroidectomy, thigh lifts and mammoplasty etc. Low cost of medical care, competent doctors coupled with proximity to the US, are the factors which are enabling Mexico to become the hotbed of medical tourism in near future.


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