Restoring Smiles – Dental Crown Clinic in Algodones

The video shows a Californian talking enthusiastically about her smile being restored after visiting a top dental crown clinic in Algodones.

Narration – “Well I had, I had a problem with my jaw, I had a head on collision in 85, I was…in another car. A lot of my upper jaw teeth were destroyed. So, I’ve been struggling without since 85. A set in the jaw was not aligned properly and I knew I would have to have most of the teeth done. So that’s why I came and they said they could align my teeth and make it you know so that my…was right and everything was right.

Everything done, 27 caps you know, put down there and I’m happy. Oh my goodness I’m happy! See I can smile (chuckles).”

If you’re looking for metal free E-Max caps in Algodones or newest in dentistry, dental crowns clinic in Algodones strives hard to make latest in dentistry available at most affordable prices. Moreover, the proximity of Los Algodones to US soil is hard to resist. You will find a fortune’s difference between dental prices in Yuma and Algodones, which is just 7 miles away from Yuma airport.

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