Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Mexico

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in MexicoPlastic surgery in Mexico is a practical solution for patients from the US and Canada because of the low prices of the procedures and the proximity of Mexico to these countries. Brazilian butt lift surgery in Mexico can be considered by those who want high quality surgery and that too at an affordable price.

Mexico has established itself as a principal medical tourism destination of the world. According to the Health Digital System, the Mexican health tourism industry raked up around $650 million dollars in 2009 and this rate has been increasing annually.

Brazilian buttock augmentation in Mexico can be a good option for those looking for low cost alternatives to surgically enhance their derriere. Surgery for butt augmentation in Mexico is quite cheaper than in the US, Canada, and the UK. According to a survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), approximately 9.3 million women underwent cosmetic surgery in the US in 2010. 88 percent of those surveyed went for butt augmentation surgery in 2009, which was a 6% increase over the number of surgeries performed in 2008.

Why Undergo Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Mexico

  • The primary reason that attracts patients is the low cost of Brazilian butt lift in Mexico as compared to what one will have to shell out in the industrialized countries of the world.
  • Brazilian butt cosmetic surgery in Mexico could cost a patient 30 to 40% less than the costs in countries such as the US, the US, Germany and other developed countries of North America and West Europe. Ask for online free quotes and plan your cosmetic surgery trip to Mexico accordingly.
  • Despite the low cost of buttock augmentation surgery in Mexico, the quality of healthcare provided in the world-class Mexican hospitals is comparable to level of services dispensed in the reputable hospitals of the developed countries of the world.  Get in touch with Mexico Health for more information on reputable hospitals for getting Brazilian butt lift in Mexico.
  • Cosmetic surgery in Mexico is a convenient option for patients from the US and Canada as the waiting period is not very long. One could easily get an appointment if one wants to get buttock implants in Mexico.
  • Plastic surgeons in Mexico are highly qualified and skilled. Mexico boasts of a large pool of board certified surgeons who have undergone training in the US. A number of them also have experience of practicing in the US.
  • Fanciful bronze high back chairs on the Malecon at Puerto Vallarta, MexicoMost of the Mexican surgeons are bilingual. Hence, non-Spanish speaking patients can dispel fears of facing problems in communicating with their doctors.
  • Brazilian buttock lift in Mexico could entail that a patient stays back in the country for some days for recovering. During this stay one could visit the interesting places in Mexico for a lifetime experience.
  • Undergoing a cosmetic procedure to get the rear you always be desired can be teamed up with vacationing in this beautiful country. Mexico is one of the leading tourism destinations of the world. The resort city of Puerto Vallarta, the Lost City of Teotihuacan, and Mexico City are highly popular with travel junkies.
  • There are various budget and economy accommodation options to choose from in Mexico. Those who want to go on a splurge can opt for the innumerable luxury hotels and resorts that dot Mexico.

Tips for Those Getting Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico

  • Not all areas in Mexico are safe for tourists. One should avoid driving to the remote areas alone.
  • Avoid street food. Hygiene standards in Mexico can be quite different from those in the developed countries of the world.
  • Always drink bottled water to keep an upset tummy at bay.
  • One must always carry one’s passport and personal identity proof such as driving license.
  • Americans who intend to stay for more than 72 hours in Mexico will have to present their passports at the border entry points.

Those who have long desired getting their rears enhanced aesthetically through surgery but were tied down by the mind boggling cost of buttock augmentation surgery in their home countries can look forward to affordable Brazilian butt lift surgery in Mexico.


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