Rhinoplasty in Cancun, Mexico

Michelle from Canada shares her experience about undergoing rhinoplasty in Cancun, Mexico.

Following is the video narration:

“Hey! My name is Michelle, I am from Canada and I’ve lived in Mexico for 16 years, in Cancun. It was my dream to be here and I just couldn’t live anywhere else after I had been here once.

“Oh! A couple of years ago I stared writing to one of the assistants here, one of the interviewers, and I started asking some questions because I didn’t have a lot of spare time, and I always avoided taking pictures of certain angles, and it turned out that it really did bothered me once I did take the picture from the angle, that I was really unsatisfied with the structure and size of my nose.  And I was very nervous about it, so much so that when I was e-mailing to find out information, I would only e-mail in Spanish, because I think I was trying to be another personality; I was so uncomfortable.

“I have my nose fixed here, and what I want to say is really special about the procedure that I had, is that what I think is also very funny, is that I didn’t take a photograph, or tell the doctor what I wanted, at all. I told him just the, I said just look, you know what you have to do.  I didn’t bring any photographs, it just, I thought what is going to be is going to be. And in the end, when people say that plastic surgery doesn’t, may not change your life, or may not this, or may not make you happy—I disagree. It really changed everything for me.  It gave me confidence that I didn’t have before. Not at all.

“We go to Miami quite frequently. And living in Mexico I still was little bit wary because the general idea is that you should always have things done in the US or Canada. I went to have my lasik eye surgery for my eyes in Canada, to be able to not wear contact lenses anymore, flew all the way to Canada to do it because I just felt uneasy having it here.  It’s just popular opinion it’s better to go back there. So, when it came to this, the doctors in Miami that I e-mailed told me that it was gonna be about seven or eight thousand dollars, and I just thought, you know, there’s no way that my problem Is eight thousand dollars worth of a problem—that is just too much money for what this is. So, I investigated here, and I really nervous about it, but the doctor told me it was gonna be probably around twenty-eight hundred dollars. And I thought, maybe that’s not such a good deal, I should probably just go to Florida, because I was raised—the more you pay, the better it’s gonna be. But in the end I made the right decision to stay here. Much better.”

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