Real Patient reviews Crowns Dentist in Cancun

The video shows a Connecticut resident reviewing her experience with crowns dentist in Cancun. The availability of plethora of dental treatments and global standards of hygiene at dental clinic in Cancun is a reason why so many Americans and Canadians like to visit this city in the Yucatan peninsula.

Did we forget to mention that you could save 50-70% of what you could end up paying in the U.S. despite including travel and lodging? And there’s more! Cancun figures among the most desired holidaying vacations in the world. Who says you can’t kill two birds with one stone?

Narration – “My name is Aaron Caine; I live in Connecticut in United States. My parents live in Isla Mujeres, so I came to visit them and also to get dental work. It is so much cheaper here. My dentist at home said I needed two crowns which is about $3000 and pare the dental walls about $1300. So much much cheaper.

I had teeth cleaning and she put composites on sensitive areas of my teeth and including a…The cleaning was fine. At home they don’t use laser, I think it is, here they do and my teeth felt good.

For dental work, it’s great. I don’t know much about Cancun itself, I’ve been on Isla Mujeres which is an island twenty minutes away from Cancun but it’s a great opportunity to come down here and have a vacation and get dental work done at the same time, it seems to be a good thing to do.

Well my parents were really helpful because they have been to this dentist before and they recommended her and other people on Isla Mujeres…really followed the instinct so it was good to have those recommendations.”

Apart from regular crowns in Cancun, Empress crowns too are catching the imagination of foreign dental patients. These crowns are metal-free yet durable and not to mention, mimic natural teeth too well.

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