Before and After Facelift and Blepharoplasty in Tijuana

The video shows actual results after facelift and eye lid surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. The client looks at least 15 years younger now.


The combination of these cosmetic procedures in Tijuana can breathe youth into people who look older than they actually are. You could be fifty going on sixty before; after cosmetic surgery procedures in Mexico, you’d look not a day older than forty. Say goodbye to the wrinkles at cost that would shift the earth beneath your feet and you’d not complain. The combined cost of blepharoplasty and facelift in Tijuana would still be less than what you could end up paying for facelift alone in the US. What more? Tijuana is stone throw away from San Diego. A weekend in Mexico is all it would take to shed couple of years.

Evidently, the quality of cosmetic surgery in Tijuana is ambrosiac thanks to the Mexico’s plastic surgeons that are going on to collect experience by catering to a large number of medical tourists, especially from the US and Canada. And affordability of the cosmetic procedures has made sure that defying age is not the prerogative of the rich and famous anymore.

So what are you waiting for? 

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