Cancun Child Dentist Advises On Kids Oral Health

The video shows a leading child dentist from Cancun advising on how to ensure perfect oral health in kids. She also touches upon Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) which is a preventive methodology for tooth decay in children. The pediatric dentists in Cancun have requisite education and experience to take care of special dental needs of kids.


Narration – “The parents must be trained early in life, so the kids can be Caries free. That can only be done by prevention and we teach them how to take care of the teeth and the new model that we’re doing in dentistry right now is that we’re not drilling holes anymore and just, you know, filling cavities.

We’re teaching the parent and the patient that they can be Caries-free if they take certain care at home with habits, eating habits and stuff, and that is called CAMBRA. CAMBRA is called Caries Management by Risk Assessment. So, that means we establish a particular program for every patient. We don’t treat patients the same. We establish what kind of treatment, preventive or home care, this kid needs and then we work around it.

We get help from many many things, like preventive things like, fluorides, like, sealants. Now, we do minimally invasive dentistry, that if we do that dentistry, the teeth are gonna last longer and Kid is gonna have less trouble in future. So, that’s where we’re trying to head to now in dentistry and not just drilling holes.”

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