How Good is Plastic Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

The video shows Teresa from Austin, Texas sharing her experience of getting plastic surgery in Cancun, Mexico.


Narration – “My name is Teresa Burton I’m from Austin, Texas and I’m an area manager with Goodwill industries. I, last year I decided that I wanted to work on myself you know my professional image and my personal self and so forth. I actually lost 89 pounds and after I lost the weight I had spoken with a patient co-ordinator, I’ve been working with Rebecca. I spoke with the patient coordinator and we made arrangements and I came over to have some cosmetic surgery done.”


“I had, on January 3rd, I actually paid for several different procedures to be done. On January 3rd they did Tummy Tuck and a breast lift and actually did a…as well. And then on January 10th they actually did a neck lift and a face lift. When I got here, the doctors you know, I had said that I wanted to get a certain things done, when the doctors looked at me no, no, no we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that, you’ll look really fabulous, you don’t need this done, you need that done. And they were really good, they were really good, they worked with me and stuff and I actually paid to have my arms done as well, but that is too much to do when I was here the first time. So they invited me to come back and they’re going to fix up my arms for me, they’re actually gonna do the liposuction on the back as well, as an added…and they’ve just been great with everything so you see the lines I’m drawing on here (chuckles). They take a magic marker and write all over you and when you come for the surgery they use the lines as guidelines.”


“The cost of the surgery was right on 15000 but again I had several procedures done, but that included everything, the Anaesthesiologists, the hospitals, the doctors that was all in medical included. If I had done it in the states, it would have been 85 thousand dollars, yes and it would not have been an all inclusive, it would have been separate bills for perhaps the anaesthesiologists, doctors and nurses, everybody sent you a different bill. Everybody here has been very professional, very nice, anything that I needed, any help I needed with different things, it’s definitely worth the price that I pay, it was all inclusive, it had the interpreter, the driver. When I was here the first time, I stayed in the care home and there was a cook and the ladies took care of you know the maid service. They actually did my laundry for me because I wasn’t able to do any of that the first time. It was just an all inclusive package, everything was included.”


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