Why I got Root Canal, Crowns and Teeth Implants in Mexico

Video shows a Canadian woman who got dental implants, crowns and root canal treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico discussing why she chose to come to Mexico for dental work.

Narration – “I’m Jersey and I’m from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. The dentist at home said that I had to get all my teeth pulled and get false teeth and I heard about this place so we decided to come.


I had 21 caps done and one root canal and 2 implants are going to be…we had good reports, we heard all kinds of people said that they’ve come here and they were happy with what was done and the price of course. It was a safe place.


I was very impressed with the people and how friendly they were and the job they did and how fast they did it.


And, I don’t know how you say it, the pain was less.”


If you’re unsure of price of teeth implants in Mexico or US, it is advised to conduct a research by asking for quotes and comparing them to get a fair idea.


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