Cost Advantage of Dental Work in Mexico

A patient from Virginia, US talks about the cost advantage she enjoyed by opting for dental work in Mexico.

Following is the video narration:
“At home I have only the cheaper version, which would have come to about twenty-five thousand dollars. And the cheaper version here would have been six-and-a-half thousand dollars.
“I am now doing the more expensive one which comes just shy of ten-thousand dollars, which would have been in the United States—I would think—in the region of forty, forty-five thousand. And I have looked everywhere, you know. So, this is incredible. I also compared this cost to Costa Rica some while back, and that time they were still reasonable. But Costa Rica’s price has gone up I don’t know why. So, I’m really happy I’m at, my co-ordinator, so to speak, and that I came here, yes.”
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