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Staff & Facilities at the Healthcare Center in Tijuana, Mexico

This video shows the director of a leading healthcare centre in Tijuana discussing its staff’s qualifications and various facilities available at the hospital. Following is the video narration. “We have a big special staff that is training, is bilingual. They have their certifications, if they are nurses they have their certification, they have experience and […]

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Dental, Weight Loss and Plastic Surgery Hospital in Tijuana

This video shows the director of a leading medical centre in Tijuana discussing the hospital’s certifications, permitting it to work like a real hospital. Due to an affordable cost of dental, weight loss and plastic surgery in Tijuana, it has become the key choice of many medical tourists across the globe. Alongside, the hospital’s up-to-date […]

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Leading Tijuana Hospital Set-Up (Water Plant, Electricity Back-up, etc.)

This video shows the director of a leading hospital in Tijuana talking about its set-up. The hospital is well equipped with the latest technology and offers affordable prices for weight loss, dental and plastic surgery.  Following is the video narration. “Our hospital has something that is very important. We have our own water plant. We […]

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Before and After Facelift and Blepharoplasty in Tijuana

The video shows actual results after facelift and eye lid surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. The client looks at least 15 years younger now.   The combination of these cosmetic procedures in Tijuana can breathe youth into people who look older than they actually are. You could be fifty going on sixty before; after cosmetic surgery […]

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MACS Lift Tijuana – Mexico

If deep lines and wrinkles, sagging facial muscles or a drooping neck are making you feel wretched, it might be time to explore some rejuvenating options such as MACS lift in Tijuana, Mexico. Electing to get cosmetic surgery in Tijuana won’t erase your hard earned money as easily as it will erase your unwanted wrinkles! […]

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Plastic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Plastic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico has become a booming business because lifestyles in the United States and Canada are now demanding more of it. Mushrooming of numerous healthcare centers in Mexico having state-of-the-art infrastructure, along with the availability of low cost plastic surgery in Mexico, has contributed to giving a boost to the number of […]

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