Complications of Plastic Surgery – Mexico Surgeon

In this candid video, a top surgeon from Tijuana, Mexico discusses all the complications that may arise in plastic surgeries. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid them.

Narration – “The first thing that can happen after a surgery that is inherent, that is, caused by the surgery itself, is blood collection. Blood collection, it is any part of the body, it could be face, breasts, tummy, is a rapid growing mass, that is…very rapidly growing and then you can have some sensation of, you can have dizziness, you can feel desperate, any strange sensation that you might feel could be related to that complication, but you can see it, you can see it very very fast…that happens, fortunately, in the first few hours after surgery, so the doctor is close to you when that can happen, so there can be a resolve in your problem.”

“The other one, I would say is complications with the wound, the wound can be open, can be wide, can be painful in the long run, you can have an infection, but that is the most rare condition. The infection is very very uncommon in our patients because we deal with healthy patients. But, I would say, the most common complications after a surgery is, of course what I say, is the collection of blood, which is of course in first few hours and the late complications is always related to scars.”

It is not uncommon for the patients to go under the knife without understanding the complications involved. A good surgeon will, however, carefully access the patient and can reject to perform the surgery. This is in the best interest of both the surgeon and the patient – a botched up surgery is equally traumatic for the reputation of surgeon. The bottom-line – you should fully evaluate all the things to know before undergoing plastic surgery in Mexico.

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