Orthopedic Center in Tijuana, Mexico

The video shows a leading orthopedic surgeon from Tijuana, Mexico talking about the availability of physiotherapy services at his hospital.

This joint and bone reconstruction specialist has experience of over three decades, and has been a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons – AAOS for over 15 years now. His long and illustrious career includes practicing at both government  and private institutions.


We have physical therapy department here in order to make one kind of…about rehabilitation in the person or some kind of deficiencies in the… or the…but this…destined to rehabilitate for some patients. Lots of the patients are rehabilitated in this clinic…necessary to go to physical therapy departments outside.

Medical Tourism in Tijuana ensures maximum bang for your buck for not just bone and joint surgeries but weight loss and cosmetic surgeries too. Gastric sleeve in Tijuana is so safe that even parents of terminally obese teens are going for it. Geographical proximity of Tijuana is another reason why patients are arriving in droves here. Contrary to popular perception, Tijuana is much safer now, after the recent regime change.

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