Types of Dental Bone Grafting in Mexico

The video shows a top implantologist from Cancun explaining different kinds of dental bone grafting. Mexico, notably Cancun, Algodones and, Tijuana, is becoming de facto dental tourism destination of the world. Whether it is veneers, lumineers or full mouth restoration, Cancun, Los Algodones, and Tijuana are witnessing an unprecedented influx of dental tourists from U.S. and Canada.

Narration – “Bone grafting procedures can be done in, there are different degrees of bone grafting …for example, we can do, you know, for socket preservation for extracted tooth and we expect to place an implant afterwards or just do in order to preserve that area so that…and we just put a bone graft there.

There are different types of bone grafts; there is the number one odontologist meaning that you obtain bone from the patient…but that implies a donor side of the patient. We can do…or allograft, I’m sorry. Allograft means it’s still human bone but it comes from a bank. We have several banks in the U.S. that we can buy that from. But it’s still human bone and the overturn of that type of allograft, it’s a little shorter than the xenograft.

The xenograft is basically mainly bovine bone from cows. It is processed, of course, and everything. The bovine bone gives us is a little later turnover, meaning that it’ll take longer to absorb. All bone grafts reinforce. Basically what they do is, they create a matrix and the minerals, so that, our or your bone cells get new bone in that area. So the xenograft or the bovine bone has a later turnover, it’ll stay there a little longer than that and it’s a little stronger than an allograft.

And then these type, different types of grafts, for example, a patient is in the need of implants in the maxilla and the sinus have grown or you have had so much for bone re-absorption that you don’t have enough bone to place to place an implant…we first graft the sinus and this procedure is a big procedure meaning that we need to open…and then we put all this graft immaturely inside the sinus and we have to wait five months in order for us to be able to place the implants then.

So, I can say, you can do bone grafting in case of periodontal defects wherein you need bone but there has to be certain characteristics, three type of bone wall defects for that graft to be successful for example, you’re enhancing the ridge to either place implants or have more static fixed prosthesis in some cases, those type of cases you do not want…where you have to design the…prosthesis in such a fashion that you won’t put pressure on the graft…”

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