Facelift in Guadalajara

faceliftTo avoid spending so much money in your quest to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging, facelift in Guadalajara, Mexico might be the solution you have been looking for. Medical tourism is booming in Guadalajara and other major cities in Mexico because of the low prices of healthcare services. Plastic surgery in Mexico has helped a lot of people in their quest to look younger and more refreshed without exhausting their bank accounts.

Facelift in Guadalajara – What You Should Know

  • Facelift prices in Guadalajara, Mexico can be so low that even after combining the procedure cost with other travel expenses, you may be able to save significantly.
  • The quality is not sacrificed because of the low prices. Mexico just has a much lower cost of living, so that even their healthcare services are being offered at very low prices.
  • Medical tourists should make sure that they are working with the right surgeon and hospital, and not immediately go for the lowest price they can find. Finding board certified medical specialists and reputable health centers that will put their health and safety above everything else is important to make the surgery a success.

Why Get Facelift Surgery in Guadalajara?

  • You can get very affordable facelift in Guadalajara, Mexico. According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, facelift is the fifth most performed cosmetic surgery in the US for 2011, and the average surgeon’s fee was $6,426 for the procedure. Not everyone can afford to pay this amount, and the prices for cosmetic surgery in Mexico are a lot lower than what American or Canadian surgeons charge for, not to mention hospital fees and other expenses related to the procedure.round-about-guadalajara
  • There are many surgeons in Guadalajara and other Mexican cities, who studied or trained in the US or Canada. Because of Mexico’s proximity to these countries, it is common to find surgeons who travel there from time to time for training and conferences.
  • Because of the booming medical tourism industry in Mexico, surgeons and hospital staff are experienced and trained in dealing with international tourists. They are able to converse in English and understand the needs and concerns of traveling patients.

People considering facelift in Guadalajara can expect to get treated by excellent surgeons and at prices that are well within their budget. Airport pickups and discounted hotel accommodations can be arranged and every effort is made to see that clients are get their money’s worth for the medical trip.

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