Price of Teeth Implants – Mexico or US?

A Californian compares the cost of teeth implants in US with that in Mexico. She also tells us why she’d love to come to Mexico for dental work every six months.


Narration – “I already have 3 implants done in the states which cost me 16 thousand dollars, three implants. So, they would just cap those, you know, put the crowns on and took the crown off and put on a new one, I have bridges in the upper jaw and down below mainly single, you know, crowns. So, I’m doing okay, I feel like I’ve got the rest of my life…

I’m gonna come here every six months, I’d like laser treatment to the gums because I feel that would help with the bacteria and the decay as I get older, you know, so I’m going to do that. And I have a water pick and I have an electric tooth pen, so I’m gonna really go wild, wild, let’s put it like that, and my new teeth.”

If you’d like to reverse the ageing process, you can cosmetically attain an appearance that would belie your age. After getting teeth implants in Tijuana, a MACS lift in Tijuana, Mexico might be just what you need to turn back the time.

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