Dentist Recommends Dental Implant Surgery In Cancun For Old

The video shows a leading dental implant surgeon from Cancun explaining why dental implants are a better alternative to dentures in old age.



Narration – “All the people that have dentures, have problems with the dentures, definitely implants are the solution. There is not only one way of doing this, we can do only two implants for example overdenture on the lower.

Most patients, specially the elderly that have been wearing denture…so long, they have a lot of …the lower jaw we have observed is a big issue for them because this is just a horse shoe on the upper the palette helps stabilize the denture but on the lower it’s a major issue. We can do two implants, we can do four implants, we can do six implants, we can still deliver a removable with two implants and that will help them a lot and the procedure is very mild, we can do four implants and do a bar in overdenture that helps extremely, we can …that we mentioned earlier, completely fixed prosthesis. There is only called the miracle dentures or the mini implants, these mini implants, they do work but there is not enough evidence in the long run for these implants but we can always do this procedure on patients that have that issue and that they don’t wanna go through a major surgery because mini implants can be placed without opening the gums. So that’s a good option for them.”

For more than a decade, Mexican dental tourism is restoring smiles. A dental crown clinic in Los Algodones, for example, is regularly frequented by elderly from the US and Canada. The low cost of dental work in Algodones, for that matter Cancun and Tijuana as well, is a reason good enough to cross borders, especially in the old age when funds start to dry up.


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