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Shoulder Replacement in Tijuana – Mexico

If you have severe pain in your shoulder that interferes with everyday activities, you may be a good candidate for shoulder surgery. But if you are put off by the price chargeable for the surgery in your home country, consider undergoing your shoulder replacement in Tijuana – Mexico. The shoulder replacement cost in Mexico is […]

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Affordable Tummy Tucks across the US – Mexico Border

With the availability of affordable tummy tucks across the US-Mexico border, Mexico is seeing a rise in the number of medical tourists benefiting their pockets with substantial savings.  

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Staff & Facilities at the Healthcare Center in Tijuana, Mexico

This video shows the director of a leading healthcare centre in Tijuana discussing its staff’s qualifications and various facilities available at the hospital. Following is the video narration. “We have a big special staff that is training, is bilingual. They have their certifications, if they are nurses they have their certification, they have experience and […]

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Does Algodones really have the best dental service in Mexico?

Yes it does as this video uncovers. In this candid interview, a California resident talks about the challenges she faced due to her dental problems. She also recommends a dental visit to Los Algodones since it’s cheaper and safer than rest of Mexico.     Narration – “Because I had a jaw problem, and I […]

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Teresa’s Medical Travel Experience – Cancun

The video shows an ecstatic Teresa from Austin sharing her medical travel experience of getting a cosmetic surgery in cancun, Mexico.   Narration –“…I flew from Austin, this time it was Austin in Dallas to here. It only took about two hours, it’s not really long at all. Of course coming here you have to […]

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Life After Tummy Tuck Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

In this video, Teresa from Austin, Texas, talks about the dramatic transformation of her life after getting cosmetic surgery in Cancun, Mexico.     Narration – “Oh yes, when I got back to work, I have several supervisors there who work under me and have lots of employees and lot of customers, my clients. And […]

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