Los Algodones, Mexico – Dental Implant Testimonial Video

This video is of  dental implant testimonial video of Andre from San Diego, who has been visiting from many years Los Algodones, Mexico for dental treatment.



Following is the dental video narration.


” I am Andre… and I am a school headmaster in San Diego. I have known Tijuana for more than 20 years and I very much appreciate their care for customers and I have gone through many many dental work like fillings, like crown, like everything and I very much appreciate it all what they have done to me. And I am a regular customer. I have come many often and I continue to do it because it’s practical, it’s very affordable and there’s a private parking in front and it’s very very efficient and I appreciate all the staff here, as well as the doctors.


They are very good and well, there’s so much good I can say about this….well they have removed some teeth’s. They have cleaned. I have come for regular cleaning every six months and I had also an implant….very professionally done and in a timely fashion very much. Well I particularly was in care of dr….the staff and I appreciate very much. It’s very professionally done, it’s clean and it doesn’t hurt. I mean people are scared about being hurt but I think, well I never experienced any bad bad feeling. It’s really well done.


As you know what I do is, I just drive through the border and I come right away here and just park in the private parking and then when I am finished, I may be take a lunch somewhere and I go back so I never experienced any bad things about security here. Well I am not sure because I didn’t go a lot in United States  dentists but I went once and he was, I would say at least four times more expensive so, yeah that’s about what I think. No, I mean every time we need to come we call and people are very nice and for example my wife just called yesterday and she has an appointment today so it’s excellent and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have good care of all their teeth’s. ”


Dental work in Mexico is carried out at a much affordable cost when compared to the western countries. People looking for a self-pay dental treatment can consider visiting Mexico as the dental clinics are well equipped with the latest technology and surgeons are highly skilled. In addition, with close proximity to many US cities as an advantage, visiting dental clinics in Mexico saves on the long wait time as well.


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