Before and After – Liposuction of the Face in Ciudad Juarez

The video shows real results of a client after face liposuction in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The client underwent overnight transformation from cute chubby to alluring angular. The authenticity of these results is perhaps a reason why so many Americans and Canadians are opting for cosmetic surgery for the face in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

This uptick in surgery seekers from US and Canada might also be driven by the fact that Ciudad Juarez falls near the US-Mexico border and is convenient. As regards quality of cosmetic surgeons in Ciudad Juarez, isn’t it suffice to have a good look at these before/after photos?

For more assurance about the quality of cosmetic surgery in Mexico, these results after double chin and Bichat’s fat pad removal in Tijuana will clear the air.

Fielding your ever important cost question, bank on it that you’d save a fortune here. Expect up to 50-70% savings on cost charged in the US or Europe.

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