Orthopedic Surgeon – Mexicali, Mexico

In this video, a leading orthopedic surgeon from Mexicali, Mexico, talks about his education and discusses the various bone and joint problems and their treatments.

Many Americans and Canadians travel to Mexico for knee replacement, hip replacement, and other joint operations as they find similar quality treatments at a fraction of the price there.

Watch the video below:

Below is the video transcription:

“My name is Juan Bustamante; I’m the orthopedic doctor here in Baja California. I did medical school from Mexico City at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and then I did orthopedic residency also in Mexico City. After that I did a fellowship in sports medicine in Columbus, USA.

“Here in Hospital de la Familia, we do all kinds of orthopedic surgeries, specially hip and knee arthroplasty, which is prosthesis of the hip and the knee. Also, arthroscopic surgery of shoulder and knee and fractures.

“Hip arthroplasty or changing of the hip joint for metal and plastic implants are patients that are over 60 years old and have pain when they walk or do their daily activities and also if they have arthritic changes in the hip.”

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