Testimonial – Metal Free E-Max Caps in Algodones

The video shows an American woman talking about getting her E-Max crowns in Algodones, Mexico.



Narration – “I’m based in Arizona, I’m marketing websites. I was looking to have E-Max caps done so I looked up dental destinations and found group dental. And so they offered a lot of difference and so that’s why I’m here. Plus they have a hotel you can stay at and then transportation from the border and they have a restaurant at the hotel and you can stay, you don’t have to go anywhere but just there…”


Every so often the question is raised by dental tourists – “Does Algodones really have the best dental service in Mexico?” On the surface they are more concerned about the affordability and quality of dental service in Algodones. But if you dig deeper, safety concerns are also encrusted in their sub conscious. And Algodones exceeds the expectations on all these fronts since it’s a small town, crime is virtually absent, low cost of living translates into affordability and quality is ensured by competition.


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