Teresa’s Medical Travel Experience – Cancun

The video shows an ecstatic Teresa from Austin sharing her medical travel experience of getting a cosmetic surgery in cancun, Mexico.


Narration –“…I flew from Austin, this time it was Austin in Dallas to here. It only took about two hours, it’s not really long at all. Of course coming here you have to go through, you have to show your passport to go through all the customs, on the airplane you have to fill out the papers…custom papers and stuff…but going back home you can actually get security, you can have somebody pushing you through the airport, getting wheel chair, sit in the wheelchair and whisk you through security and it’s much much quicker specially if you’re healing and so forth…the security helps you with the bags, they just get you through the security whole lotta quicker and stuff, on and off the airplane and stuff.”


“I have the patient coordinator and I were e-mailing back and forth, there were several questions they had for me and some questions I had for them. The patient’s coordinator is wonderful. Any questions that you have, anything that you need, just ask and they’re gonna take care of it for ya. Actually, I did go online and I was researching, having plastic surgery done and to see how much it will cost, the cost factor involved and you know what was included, what wasn’t included and this location had the best deal, most value and most inclusive and value for my money. I still stay in touch with Rebecca – the patient coordinator – you know we talked on the internet a several times and requested to handle again…when I got back home I did go see my doctor and they gave me some antibiotic and you know just, I did a check up with them and everything was fine.”


“The first time, I stayed at patient care home and this time I’m staying at Villa Italia, it’s the hotel that works with the clinic itself and if you use the facilities, the drivers will pick you up, drop you off, pick you up any of your appointments you have to go, you do have transportation. Otherwise, you could just get a Taxi and Taxis are round the block all the time, so anytime you need to go somewhere. I’ve been doing some tourism, going here and going there and I’ve been able to, transportation is not a problem at all.”


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