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Medical Center in Mexico

This video is of a leading medical center in Mexico. The hospital is well equipped with the latest technology and all amenities, an effort to make the stay as comfortable as possible.     Whether you are looking for weight loss, orthopedic or plastic surgery in Mexico , all are offered at a much affordable […]

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Mexico – Tijuana Dental Testimonial Video

This is a Tijuana dental testimonial video showing a patient talking about her quality dental care in Mexico.     Following is the video narration.   “I  am very satisfied with the work done by doctor and his staff. I am very impressed with their technology and equipment that they use and the prices are […]

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Puerto Vallarta Hospital Operation Theater – Mexico

The picture shows the operation theater in a leading hospital in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. One can consider this hospital for cardiology, plastic surgery, dermatology, and weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass in Mexico.

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Gastric Sleeve Procedure in Tijuana, Mexico – Testimonial

Stella from California, US discusses how she decided to undergo gastric sleeve procedure in Tijuana, Mexico.     Following is the video narration.   ” My name is Stella from California. I am here to have gastric sleeve surgery. Ya, I actually had a friend who came here three years ago. Actually…you went to Mexico […]

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Operation Theater – Hospital in Mexico

Below is the picture of operation theater in a reputed hospital in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This hospital provides a wide range of medical treatments like bariatric surgery, cardiology and plastic surgery in Mexico.

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Minimally Invasive Meniscus Repair Surgery – Orthopedic Surgeon, CJS, Mexico

This video shows a renowned orthopedic surgeon from CJS, Mexico discussing about the minimally invasive meniscus repair surgery. Following is the video narration. “In the knee joint we have the cartilage surface and inbetween both bones – the femur and the tibia, we have a cushion tissue which is the meniscal tissue. As you can […]

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