Mexico Healthcare Tourism

The video shows a leading plastic surgeon from Tijuana discussing where in the US his clients come from.


Video Narration

“Patients from California of course, Arizona, Tennessee, Milwaukee, I’ve had almost all over the US and many, many many from Canada, especially from Ontario and Saskatchewan, a few from Alberta and some other countries. Actually I’ve had patients from Australia and New Zealand as well”

Why a medical trip to Mexico?

Owing to expertise and proximity of Mexico to the US, medical tourism in the country is showing a healthy growth. Moreover, proactive steps by its regulatory authorities and stringent standards on hygiene and accountability are turning the tables in the favor of medical tourism in Mexico. The success stories speak volumes about the patient satisfaction. Stella’s example is a case in point.

Mexico suits not just the US nationals but people from all over the globe. Low cost aside, Mexico is an interesting country to travel to. Take the first step of your medical trip now by filling up the price request form to your right.