Minimally Invasive Meniscus Repair Surgery – Orthopedic Surgeon, CJS, Mexico

This video shows a renowned orthopedic surgeon from CJS, Mexico discussing about the minimally invasive meniscus repair surgery.

Following is the video narration.

“In the knee joint we have the cartilage surface and inbetween both bones – the femur and the tibia, we have a cushion tissue which is the meniscal tissue. As you can see here this is a horn shaped tissue, fibrous tissue which is called meniscus. The function of this tissue is to serve as a cushion in between both cartilage surfaces so that there won’t be an excessive wear. With an accident, with a sports injury or any other type of trauma to the knee joint, there can arise tears on this meniscal tissue, or the meniscus and what this produces is pain and blockage of the knee and it may produce a larger …or cartilage wear so when that happens we do need to do a ….. which means remodelling of the meniscal tissue or a suture,….of the meniscus .

This is generally done with arthroscopy, with an arthroscopic procedure that means minimal invasive procedure in which we introduce, through the knee joint, we introduce a camera, a lens that is going to let us examine the meniscal tissue – the cartilage and through the other portal we introduce the instrument which we are going to work. That may be a …or it may be a radiofrequency element such as this which will permit us to remodel certain tissues in the knee joint.

The arthroscopic procedure – it’s a very nobel procedure in the means that it’s minimal invasive, the patient won’t have any scars, it implies very small incisions and the recovery of the patient is very very fast. The patient can start moving and walking immediately without experiencing any pain.

This is a very fast procedure in comparison with other surgical procedures and that’s one of the most common procedures that we see here in our practice because of a lot of sports injuries , accidents and also it involves the degenerative process. So most of the patients that come in with joint, with knee pain, most of them will have something in their meniscus and that’s where we can offer treatment with arthrscopy.”

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