MACS-Lift in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

result-after-macs-lift-surgeryOpting for a mini face lift in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico could provide access to high quality surgery at an affordable price. Cosmetic surgery in Mexico is considered an effective and reliable alternative to expensive procedures in more affluent locales such as the US, UK and Canada. Indeed, with escalating medical costs and long waiting lists in many first world countries, choosing MACS Lift (Mini-Face Lift) in Puerto Vallarta may provide and affordable way to get a more youthful appearance without having to compromise on value.

Facelift surgery is a hugely popular procedure in the USA, with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) estimating that some 112,995 procedures were carried out in 2010, a 9% increase on 2009. A MACs facelift or Minimal Access Cranial Suspension is designed to reduce the amount of facial sagging.

Why Should You Get MACS Lift in Puerto Vallarta?

  • The lower cost of living in many Mexican cities means that private healthcare can be provided at a fraction of the price in many affluent nations.
  • Waiting lists are often shorter than in most first world nations ensuring that you can book your surgery for neck and jaw line in Puerto Vallarta, MX, according to your own requirements.
  • We only work with reputable and reliable facilities in Puerto Vallarta so even when you save money on your treatment, you don’t have to compromise on the standard of care.
  • Plastic surgeons in Mexico, working in our network in cities like Cancun, Tijuana, Mexicali, Puerto Vallarta, and Guadalajara, are often highly trained.

Planning your trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  • a-scene-in-puerto-vallartaRemember to take into consideration recovery time when planning your sagging cheeks and skin surgery in Puerto Vallarta. You might want to consider bringing along a friend or companion to keep you company, both before and after your procedure.
  • Make sure you’ve organized the appropriate travel documentation for entry into Mexico. Check the rules and regulations with your local government department in advance of your trip so that your passports and VISAs are in order.
  • When booking your minimal access cranial suspension-lift in Puerto Vallarta, organize your travel options in advance to get the best deals available.
  • Flights are just 3 hours from Los Angeles, USA and 4.5 hours from Toronto, Canada.
  • Although medical tourism might be the predominant reason for your trip, you may want to take advantage of your visit to Mexico with a well-deserved vacation. Puerto Vallarta in particular has a lot to offer with access to fabulous beaches, an attractive climate and cuisine to suit everyone’s taste.

If you’re keen to improve your appearance and obtain a more youthful look, you might wish to join the many medical tourists traveling for plastic surgery in Mexico. Obtaining a mini face lift in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico represents an effective method of finding affordable treatment without compromising on quality.

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