Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery in Mexico

The video shows a leading plastic surgeon from Mexico talk about blepharoplasty, also known as eye lid surgery, offered at his hospital.

Video Narration

“Blepharoplasty is a surgery to take the extra skin and fat from around the eyes. This is to make look younger a person. This is for men and women as well and best candidates are of course those patients who have excess skin and puffy eyes related to the excess of fat around the eyes and sometimes, most of the times I would say, we combine that with brow lift.”

Eye lid surgery and brow lift aside, reduction mammoplasty in Mexico is also bundled in the surgery package for a total youthful transformation. Clients have admitted a renewal in their relationships and self esteem after these small but effective surgical procedures. These procedures leave no visible ‘afterburn’, so to speak.

What makes Mexico more attractive than other medical tourism destinations?

Experience of its surgeons. Simple math can help us understand this. Mexico receives more clients from the US and Canada than any other country, perhaps owing to its proximity to these countries and low cost of surgeries in Mexico. When we look at the universe of cosmetic surgery takers, people from the US and Canada form the biggest chunk. This implies Mexican surgeons are one of the busiest lot in the world and over time they have gathered a wealth of experience.

Puffiness around the eyes is unmistakable sign of aging. Correct it with blepharoplasty in Mexico. It’s as simple as filling up a form to your right.