Gastric Sleeve Procedure in Tijuana, Mexico – Testimonial

Stella from California, US discusses how she decided to undergo gastric sleeve procedure in Tijuana, Mexico.



Following is the video narration.


” My name is Stella from California. I am here to have gastric sleeve surgery. Ya, I actually had a friend who came here three years ago. Actually…you went to Mexico for surgery but she got down here and she said it has been success. She described the places to me and everything is exactly as she said it’s going to be. It’s clean, it was convenient, I felt very safe and I think it’s going to be a success. Actually you know I got the website from her. We got to the hospital directly through this website and on there I checked out to see, compare the different, there’s another gastric sleeve process.


I mean it’s a little bit newer than the regular gastric sleeve and actually when I talked to the co-ordinator, she suggested the older procedure as I was in between the two. Compared that to the lap band, the challenges of how you live life after that. I liked the fact that my friend is basically living a normal life. You know, she just eats a…..but she still can enjoy life. She is not constantly worried what to can, what she can’t eat, what you can eat. That’s not what I wanted to do. I wanted to be just able to enjoy my life, eat less and enjoy life. From getting to the airport, finally with the rest of the ladies, it was very convenient.


Lewis was very helpful. I was kind of nervous about that whole thing about what’s going to get wrong. Nothing went wrong. Everything is what they said it’s going to be. I was not surprised about ….”


For weight loss surgery in Mexico, cities which can be considered are Tijuana, Monterrey , Hermosillo, Ciudad Juarez, Mexicali, Puerto Vallarta and San Lucas. Whether it’s gastric sleeve in Tijuana or gastric bypass in Tijuana, the cost is much affordable than the western countries. The quality of services can be compared to the one offered by the best hospitals in the world and surgeons are highly skilled and internationally trained. Many bariatric surgeons offering sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico are certified to perform surgeries in US as well.



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