Breast Augmentation in Tijuana – Mexico

Breast augmentation in Tijuana, Mexico will not only make you more desirable and confident, but also help you enjoy great savings. Breast enhancement cosmetic surgery in Tijuana will not burn a hole in your pocket, unlike in the US, Canada and other developed countries of the west.

Medical tourism in Mexico is on the rise, thanks to favorable factors such as the country’s proximity to the US, the rising costs of medical care in the developed countries, and the unwillingness of many insurance companies to cover elective surgeries. Since medical costs are sky high in the US, more and more Americans have been seeking cheaper medical treatments abroad.

Most of them undergo elective procedures such as liposuction and nose surgery in Mexico. Medical tourists are also opting for more complex procedures such as knee and hip replacement and even tail bone removal in Mexico. Getting quality and affordable breast implants in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico is simply a smart choice for them.

Quick Info on Breast Augmentation

Before deciding to get a boob job in Tijuana, Mexico, go through the overview of what this procedure entails:

  • Also known as mammoplasty, this surgery is performed to enhance the size or improve the appearance of sagging breasts via implants.
  • Breast implants are medical prosthetics inserted under the breast tissue or chest muscle to enhance the bust size.
  • Patients can choose between saline-filled and silicone implants in Tijuana, Mexico.
  • Those contemplating boob enhancement in Tijuana, Mexico should be aware of the associated risks, such as bleeding, infection, implant leakage, or implant malposition.
  • Here are some safety precautions prior to undergoing a boobs augmentation procedure:
    • To prevent bleeding problems, do not take anti-inflammatory drugs
    • Cease smoking at least a week prior to breast surgery
    • Follow a healthy diet
  • According to 2011 Plastic Surgery Statistics report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation was the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in the US.

Advantages of Breast Augmentation in Tijuana, Mexico

  • There is no need to shell out loads of money because all cosmetic procedures in Mexico are outrageously lower in cost than in First World countries and the average cost of breast augmentation in Mexico is much lesser and one stands to make significant savings over each procedures that he chooses to get done in Mexico. Boob job cost in Tijuana, Mexico, can be up to 30%-50% cheaper than when done in the US.
  • Potential medical tourists can look forward to getting their boob enlargement in Tijuana, Mexico at a hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International and equipped with world-class facilities and advanced medical technology.
  • Renowned cosmetic surgeons in Mexico are not only experts in what they do, but also fluent in English. Don’t be surprised if the surgeon who will be performing your surgery for boob implants in Tijuana, Mexico has been trained in the US!
  • Americans can avail of daily, low-fare flights to Mexico. Or they can just drive down to Tijuana if they’re coming from California or Arizona. The Californian city of San Diego is located about 17 miles from Tijuana. Going to Mexico from the US will only take a few minutes to a few hours.
  • Patients can extend their stay in Tijuana to explore its beautiful tourist attractions, shop around, or just relax in the city’s grandeur.

Traveling for Breast Enlargement in Tijuana, Mexico – Handy Tips

  • Americans and Canadians traveling to get breast implants in Mexico will have to bring their passport or any valid proof of identity such as their driving license to cross the border.
  • You can choose between yellow (non-metered) and red striped (metered) taxis. The former charge more than the latter. However, most of yellow taxi drivers are English-speaking.
  • Tourists can have as much fun as they want, as long as they avoid eating street foods and drinking tap water.
  • When in Tijuana, you can be assailed by young beggars. Steer clear of giving them alms. Instead, donate to a charitable body.
  • Also be aware of pickpockets during your stay for breast augmentation in Tijuana.
  • Keep a pulse on the travel directives on Tijuana issued by the US State Department.

It isn’t difficult to see that there are a lot of advantages synonymous with undergoing breast augmentation in Tijuana, Mexico. Still, it’s best to give a little more effort into finding the best cosmetic surgeon and the most reputable hospital or clinic in the Mexican border town. Then you’re all set to go to finally look your best! Boobs augmentation in Tijuana, Mexico will give you a perkier body sans emptying your coffers.

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