Comparison Between Dental Clinics in Mexico and the US – Patient Testimonial

Watch a dental patient form Virginia, US, explain the commonalities between dental work in Mexico and the US.

Following is the video narration:

“My procedure here is as identical as what I would have gotten back home. And I had more choices here, in fact.

“I had a removable denture on two implants done on the bottom. Why did they do that in the Unites States because they said cosmetically it would look better because if you do the cemented row, your teeth will be very long. But here they said the lab could make it look shorter by having indeed long teeth because my gums had receded so much. The top they would do in gum color, so to speak, so that you didn’t see that. So, for me that also pushed me to do that procedure rather than the removable one which you still feel, it is there, so to speak, you know, and you can take it out, you have to clean underneath etc., whereas these are, what they are going to do here, are firm fits, forever.

“And, so they didn’t push that on me, you know, because it is a more expensive procedure than the one that I have here, on the bottom. But what they said to me — ‘this is totally up to you; we can do this one, which is the removable one, or we can do the fixed one, and the implants we would have to do anyway’. So I have five months if I want to change my mind, I can still change my mind and in the end not do the fixed one when I come back. It’s virtually the same in the end, except for, you know. So, but I am getting more and more to the, and especially when the doctor said — ‘well, the back here, if you do the removable one, the backing you might have a little bit of the palate there, and I don’t want that. I want my tongue to be in that hollow.

“But everything, what they would have done in the United States, is done here. The material’s identical, the measurements identical, so if there would be a problem, and you didn’t want to fly back all the way here, the matrix, or whatever, you know, every instrument what they have back home fits on the screws, let’s call it screws, or the implants which you have here. In fact what I am going to do is my implants they have to sit in the bone and adjust to the bone for about five months. What they then do is torque it to see if it’s steady enough. I’m going to have that done at home so that I don’t fly and have my doctor here in, so I’m having them torque it at home and he will then say — ‘yeah, that’s fine, go ahead, go and fly out. Even my doctors have said — ‘this is what I’m going to do’, and they were nice enough, you know, to say if they would say anything, we got the x-rays and everything, I gave them to … me yesterday, and you know they work together. And even the insurance, apparently, works with the system. So, what more do you want, you know. I am happy, because let me tell you something, you know, we all might think in USA you can drink the water, and in Mexico you can’t drink the water, well this hospital, or this clinic, is cleaner than were I am having my implants done in the United States.”

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