Knee Surgery in Mexico – Patient Experience

Jim Golbienko from Burbank, CA, who underwent knee surgery in Mexico, says he was “pleasantly surprised” at the level of care offered to him. He was especially impressed with the neatness of the hospitals and the standard of care provided to him. The facility in Mexico, according to Jim, is comparable to any hospital in the United States.[singlepic id=56 w=320 h=240 float=right]


Initially, Jim and his wife were quite skeptical as they had booked the surgery on the internet, and were not really sure what it is going to be like. However, now that the surgery is done, and Jim is recuperating, he is very positive about the whole deal.


There was no issue with the language, as they were directed to English speaking staff.

The drive from Burbank, California, to Tijuana, Mexico took just about 4 hours. They reached the night before the surgery was scheduled, and were made to stay in a nice hotel, which was about 3-4 blocks from the hospital. The hotel, Jim says, was also very affordable.


Of course, the big savings they made on the surgery were the highlight of their medical trip, but Jim and his wife Kathy, are also very happy with the eventual results. Some of his friends, who had surgery in the United States, not only paid a far bigger amount, but also suffered more complications than him.


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