Metallic Implants in Knee Replacement Surgery – Ciudad Juarez Orthopedic Surgeon

This video shows a renowned orthopedic surgeon discuss metallic implants used in knee replacement surgery, Ciudad Juarez.



Following is the video narration: 

“Metallic Implants eliminate pain and provide joint motion, the conservative movement of the joint and we generally indicate this procedure on people that have advance joint wear. That’s generally on patients with around 50-60 years of age. Sometimes we are doing in younger people because of some accident that gave rise to that joint wear but the truth is that this is a procedure that we are looking to after, for patients that don’t have that much activity on themselves and those are the ones that do better on …”

People from across the world have started coming to Mexico for their treatment, as it not only offers an affordable cost but quality treatment by highly skilled professionals at world class hospitals. Have a look at a patient’s experience of knee replacement surgery in Mexico.

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