Cataract Removal Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

This video shows an eye surgeon discussing cataract surgery, Tijuana, Mexico. Apart from eye surgery, a number of medical tourists are also visiting Mexico for bariatric surgery.

Following is the video narration: 

“Cataract surgery involves removing a lens inside the eye that has become cloudy. We all have that lens however many times as time passes or associated with certain diseases or inflammations become more frequent. The fact is that the lens we have behind the iris, behind the….of the eye, as it becomes cloudy it will prevent the light and the images to go to the retina. So we need to remove it and we need to replace that lens with an artificial lens.

Nowadays the technology has advanced tremendously, quite it is the state-of-the-art to actually removing the cataract ultrasound, there is nothing that is better than ultrasound that called phacoemulsification. As we remove the cataract also the intraocular lenses have evolved tremendously and we use the latest generation intraocular lenses whether it is for one focus, and that’s called monofocal lense or it is multifocal lens.

Multifocal that wishes to have a correction for far and near. There is also toric lenses that allow the correction of a stigmatism at the same time when we remove the cataract. The cataract surgery involves a very tiny incision. It’s about two and a half millimetre of an incision. So very small and through that small incision we can place the probe, with ultrasound we will remove the cataract and then through that small incision we place a …intraocular lens that they will be on for…inside their eye.”

Whether looking for an affordable glaucoma surgery in Tijuana, vitrectomy or cataract surgery, the cost is much affordable when compared to the western countries. The ophthalmologists are highly skilled and the eye clinic is well equipped with the latest technology.

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