Diabetes Care for Non-Obese Patients – Cancun Bariatric Surgeon

A reputed bariatric surgeon from Cancun, Mexico talks about diabetes care for non-obese patients. At our network hospitals in Mexico, a lot of attention is paid to the individual needs of every patient. Whether s/he is a patient for gastric bypass, or sleeve gastrectomy, our doctors give equal attention to all patients.


Following is the video narration:

“We have, so far, almost it’s around nineteen patients, okay almost twenty patients with low BMIs. What’s low BMIs? Patients between twenty-five and thirty, for diabetes only, okay. What we do is we leave a big pouch, okay, and instead of doing a very long bypass, we do it shorter, but just to bypass the pancreas and all the process where the endocrine system works, okay? And those patients, out from the the nineteen, seventeen patients have shown very good results, most of them leaving completely insulin, or even oral pills for diabetes, and in some cases, leaving everything.

“And one of them needed, was better controlled with lesser dosages, okay, and the other one went from insulin to pills, but he continued to recover.”

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