Post Operative Care – Hip Replacement Surgery, Orthopedic Surgeon, Mexico

This video shows a renowned orthopedic surgeon discussing about the post operative care after hip replacement surgery, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.


Following is the video narration:

“In the post-operative period, no 1 is exercise. We need to have the patient moving around as soon as possible, starting to walk and bear weight as they tolerate and the diet, we just recommend a regular diet, healthy diet of course.

But we need to take care of the weight issue because a lot of times this is what took the patient to that joint wear. So we do need to take care of that. Try to be self-conscious and we need to take good weight control so that their implant will last as long as it can and the exercises that most patients will come and do are more or less what they were used to doing before.

We always recommend to avoid high impact exercises but still the designs in our new implants are aimed to be able to reintegrate the patient to their regular activities. So there has been a lot of advances in that issue and patient will come to do their exercises and their physical activity very close to what they have been used to. But still the recommendation is to have the patient avoid high impact sports on their knee and their hip.

We do the same, take off sutures in 2-3 weeks, start exercise rehab program to regain motion and the patient either in the hip replacement or the knee replacement. Generally we see that at three months post operative the patient is feeling more or less natural and meaning that he doesn’t notice any difference in his knee or hip with the joint replacement. They feel without pain, they can do their activities regular. It takes around 3 months after surgery.”

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