Tijuana – Mexico Ophthalmologist on Glaucoma Eye Surgery

This video shows a leading opthalmologist from Tijuana, Mexico on glaucoma eye surgery.

Following is the video narration: 

“Glaucoma surgery is a surgery that is used by patients that have had a difficult time to controlling their blood pressure in these diseases of Glaucoma. We use eye drops to control the pressure, occasionally we use the pills and there laser as well to control the pressure is not to cure glaucoma, Glaucoma does not have a cure, however we need to control that pressure to preserve vision, why glaucoma is a blind disease.

When the drops have not worked, and that treatment have not worked than the alternative is Glaucoma procedure. The Glaucoma surgery is procedure, the main Goal is to lower the pressure and preserve the vision of those unfortunate patients that have disease with difficult control.”

The surgeon in this video also specializes in cataract surgery and vitrectomy.

Whether looking for the glaucoma surgery or  lasik surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, treatment cost is remarkably lower than the west. In addition, Mexico hospitals have cutting edge technology and highly skilled ophthalmologists. No wonder why people from different countries are flocking down to the place for their eye surgery.

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